The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

Embodied Dharma

This retreat will focus on an integrated approach of meditation
teachings and practices from Theravada and Mahayana which deepen
the embodiment of wisdom and compassion. Founded in calming and
insight meditation, we will also cultivate a powerful field of blessings
through meditation & devotional practices which draw from the earliest Theravada texts and practices related to Kwan Yin (Avalokitesvara) Bodhisattva.

The retreat also focuses on the training of mindfulness and skill in the cultivation of samadhi - the gathering of body, mind and heart into Awareness. A mind rooted in its own Awareness gives rise to strength of clarity from which wisdom arises. The retreat will explore the classical wisdom teachings of the Buddha which ripen insight into the nature of
emptiness. Samadhi and wisdom is further supported by the opening
and heart energy of devotion.

2012-06-14 (11 days) Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

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2012-07-04 1. Buddha's Essential Guidance 19:45
path as both gradual and immediate - succinct teaching of 'refrain from the unwholesome, lift up the good & purify the heart.'
2012-07-04 2. First Foundation of Mindfulness 39:25
training of 'mano-vinnana' attention - withdrawing the mind from its preoccupations, working with the breath, way to one.
2012-07-04 3. Basic Sanity 43:51
sanity of mindfulness, mindfulness leading to insight into the nature of the body, simplicity, getting back on track
2012-07-04 4. Guided Meditation on the Body 41:28
2012-07-04 5. Samadhi - Path into Here & Now 42:15
deepening presence here & now, 5 jhana factors, fruits of samadhi
2012-07-04 6. Jhana Factors & Balanced Effort 25:22
cultivating balance and depth of inner well being
2012-07-04 7. Hindrances & Stopping 39:49
stopping the momentum of the mind.. a serial killer stops and awakens
2012-07-04 8. Balance of Calm & Insight 36:15
mindfulness & clear comprehension in tandem with insight & wise reflection - two kinds of peace
2012-07-04 9. Contemplating Change & Worldly Winds 30:45
reflecting on change - the doorway into the changeless - maintaining well being in the face of change through wisdom
2012-07-04 10. Training of Mind 37:52
practice as preparation for when the hindrances hit - vitakkasantana sutta - skilful training of thought
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