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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

Integration of Love and Wisdom with Kamala Masters and Mark Nunberg

The spirit of this retreat will strengthen our ability to maintain a continuous quality of awareness not only in retreat, but also so that it can extend into our daily lives in a seamless way. We will be exploring the Four Foundations of Mindfulness with more emphasis on awareness of the qualities of mind. The teachings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya on Mindfulness of Mind will be integrated, and one of his books will be offered to each retreatant to read during the retreat as a support for practice. We will explore how we can more clearly uncover the wisdom in our minds by strengthening the loving kindness in our hearts. Equanimity practice will be offered as a way of integrating the love and wisdom aspects of our practice.

2016-09-09 (8 days) Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

2016-09-10 Meditation Instruction 32:13
Kamala Masters
Morning Meditation first day .
2016-09-10 Dukkha, Appreciating the Nature of Suffering 64:35
Mark Nunberg
2016-09-11 Contemplation On Compassion and Wisdom 64:26
Kamala Masters
2016-09-12 Samadhi: Stability of Mind for the Support of Happiness and Insight 61:17
Mark Nunberg
2016-09-13 The Infinite Immensity of Impermanence 64:50
Kamala Masters
2016-09-14 Joy: An as an Essential Support for and Fruit of Practice 19:38
Mark Nunberg
Because this talk is cut short at 21 min., we are also going to publish Mark's talk give on Sept 24th at Common Ground : Understanding Joy as the Means for the Fruit of the Path
2016-09-15 Understanding Joy as the Means for the Fruit of the Path 1:11:55
Mark Nunberg
This talk was given on Sept. 24th at Common Ground Meditation Center. Because the talk the week before was cut off due to battery failure, we are publishing this one here, by popular demand.
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