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Retreat Dharma Talks at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

The Buddha’s Gradual Path: Spiritual Progress in Lay Life

The Buddha frequently taught about the practice of the path as “a gradual training” (anupubbasikkhā), which unfolds in stages from the first step to the final goal of enlightenment. He most often talked about this gradual unfolding in terms of monastic life. However, he also made it clear that the path is open and available to lay followers as well and that many, many of his lay disciples were highly accomplished in the Dhamma, having developed the Path and attained the fruits on the way to awakening.

2023-06-03 (13 days) Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

2023-06-10 Encouragement from Ajahn Chah 4:06
Ayya Cittananda
Excerpts from "Stillness Flowing," the biography of Ajahn Chah written by Ajahn Jayasaro, on merit, particularly emphasizing the merit of cleansing the mind of unwholesome mental states.
2023-06-10 Appreciative Joy Guided Meditation 39:26
Ayya Santussika
Mudita - Appreciative Joy
2023-06-10 Evening Chanting 7:54
Ayya Cittananda, Ayya Santussika
2023-06-10 Life Conditions Supporting Samadhi 31:49
Ayya Santussika
AN 3.95 "Assemblies" and AN 5.26 "Opportunities for Freedom" provide some examples of supportive conditions for entering samadhi.
2023-06-11 Morning Chanting 9:18
Ayya Cittananda
2023-06-11 Enlightenment off the Cushion 7:11
Ayya Cittananda
Morning reflection on experiences of insight and enlightenment off the cushion, including some of the experiences of the enlightened bhikkhunis of the Buddha's time.
2023-06-12 Changing 17:12
Ayya Santussika
Six steps to help change unskillful patterns in the mind and in our actions.
2023-06-12 Equanimity Meditation 39:32
Ayya Santussika
2023-06-13 Phrases for Brahmavihara Practice 4:35
Ayya Cittananda
2023-06-13 Developing Wisdom 60:23
Ayya Santussika
Suttas AN 4.248 "The Growth of Wisdom", AN 8.2 "Wisdom", and MN 95 "With Canki" give us instructions on how to put in the causes and conditions for wisdom to develop.
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