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Amita Schmidt's Dharma Talks at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
Amita Schmidt
Amita Schmidt is a licensed clinical social worker with a focus on trauma and meditation. She was the resident teacher at Insight Meditation Society from 2000-2006. She is the author of "Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master." She also has practiced with Adyashanti, a teacher of non-dual awareness.
2019-10-20 Emptiness Practices for Depression and Anxiety: Part 2 27:12
How to utilize the teachings of emptiness for depression and anxiety in Buddhist meditators.
2019-10-19 Practices for Depression and Anxiety: Part 1 38:53
Depression and Anxiety: Practices for Buddhist Meditators, Part 1. (This is part 1 of 2 talks)
2019-10-18 Depression, Anxiety, and The Four Noble Truths 29:05
Depression and Anxiety and the Four Noble truths. How depression or anxiety can assist in understanding the Four Noble Truths. Also Amita's personal journey and experiences in this regard.

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